027/366 (hope)

Esperança (hope) é acreditar que podemos fazer crescer coisas vivas em lugares inóspitos.

Hope is believing we can make live things grow on inhospitable places.


(Believe it or not I made this image before I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge post!! I saw the word hope on my email, I produced the image and later I saw the post! And now I’m sad because I no longer see originality in my image… but the concept it’s indeed what I feel hope is from me right now, so…HOPE you like it!)




  1. Very Clever, like a lot. ;)http://wp.me/1j16x

  2. Very creative and artistic interpretation of the challenge.
    I love everything about it. The subtleness of the colors, the
    clarity and the subject matter.
    Well done,

  3. Great entry for this week theme,nice post my friend 🙂

  4. your work is just so quirky!!
    I love it!!!

  5. Stéphanie

    Adorei a fotomontagem 😉

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